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Evening MA Program

The Taipei Tech Evening MA program provides students with the same types of high-quality classes we offer in our daytime program, with the added flexibility that students who work full time need. We generally attract three types of students:

  1. Talented English teachers who wish to enhance their language, linguistic, and cultural skills while gaining the added competency of an MA degree
  2. Capable professionals and civil servants who wish to maintain and enhance their English fluency, sharpen their analytical thinking, and improve their English writing skills
  3. Creative individuals who enjoy our literature, linguistics, film studies, and cultural studies classes because these classes enrich their lives.

Of course, these categories often overlap! If you desire to become a better writer, a more analytical thinker, a more confident teacher, or a more fluent and culturally savvy speaker of the English language, the Taipei Tech Evening MA may be the perfect match for you.

Classes begin at 6:30 on weekday evenings. Since our university is conveniently located at the intersection of the MRT’s yellow and blue lines, commuting is easy.

Being a student who graduated from college over a decade ago, I treasure this rare opportunity to come back to school, and I try to make every learning experience valuable and meaningful. As a result, I have to say that I have no regrets and enjoy every moment of it.

- Jerry, evening MA student

Evening students come from all walks of life. Although students have different backgrounds, we are always sharing ideas. . . . NTUT is located at the center of the city next to an MRT station. Commuting is very convenient and the faculty is superb.

- Teri, evening MA student