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Our rooms are located in the General Studies Building. There are three main categories of our rooms: classroom, seminar room, and office. Our classrooms include a Conference & Interpretation Classroom, a Multimedia Classroom, an Experimental Theater, and two Lecture Classrooms. In addition to faculty office, we also have two offices for the MA students. There is also one seminar room.

In addition to the rooms in the General Studies Building, the Department also has access to the Multimedia Studio, Writing Consultation Rooms, and Multi-dimensional English Classroom, managed by the Media Center and located in Academic Building I. All of the rooms are equipped with a projector and have WiFi access.


Conference & Interpretation Classroom

Location: Room 401, General Studies Building


The Conference & Interpretation Classroom is primarily designed for conference and translation/interpretation classes. It is equipped with a microphone/speaker system and has a room layout that enables students to make speech at a podium and to conduct conference meetings. The room is also equipped with a simultaneous interpretation system and features two interpreter booths. With the wireless earphones, the room can also be used to simulate real-world simultaneous interpretation.

Multimedia Classroom

Location: Room 403, General Studies Building


The Multimedia Classroom has more than 40 individual student recording stations that can be centrally managed by the instructor computer. It is designed primarily for listening and speaking training courses and any course that requires students to be recorded individually. The student station has a fully functional computer with LCD screen. Instructor may also take over the student's screen and demonstrate directly through the instructor computer.

English Seminar & EMI Training Classroom

Location: Room 714, General Studies Building


The English Seminar & EMI Training Classroom is designed to host seminars and provide training for teachers and students in English as a medium of instruction (EMI). This classroom provides the means for the department to support the national policy of building Taiwan as a bilingual nation by the year 2030.

Experimental Theater

Location: Room 715, General Studies Building


With its drama lighting system and stage, the Experimental Theater has always been the venue where the department hosts its drama shows. After its recent renovation, the Experimental Theater now has seats on different levels, making it more enjoyable to watch drama in the room. The room also serves as a lecture hall and is used to host keynote speech sessions when the department hosts a conference.

Lecture Classroom

Location: Room 716, General Studies Building


Location: Room 717, General Studies Building


The Lecture Classrooms are general-purpose classrooms that are mostly used for lectures. Because of the movable desks and chairs in these rooms, the rooms are occasionally converted to other uses including meeting and dance lessons after the desks and chairs are rearranged or cleared away. These rooms also serve as presentation venue when the department hosts a conference.

Seminar Room

Location: Room 806, General Studies Building


The Teaching Resources & Seminar Room in 806 provides a well-lit and comfortable environment for MA classes, MA thesis proposals and defenses, interviews, and small-group writing conferences with professors.

Study Area

Location: 7th floor, General Studies Building

7 floor