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Local Collaborations

Cultural Productions and the Arts

Our students have opportunities to participate in creative artistic productions. Students in the Western Drama class will stage and perform a drama. Our filmmaking class has also produced nine original films. In 2014, we had our first public screening of our film productions, with well-known Taiwanese directors responding to our students’ film productions.

MA student Christina Liu (2014), took advantage of opportunities to be involved in many creative projects at Taipei Tech. She writes,

“In the Cultural Studies program, I’ve gained a new way of seeing literature, film and other cultural industries. Professors here are aware of current art events and encourage students to participate in various activities. I was involved as a film editor in a filmmaking project—Taipei Astray (2014)—during my study. Also, I was able to meet contemporary film directors such as Tsai Ming-LiangChi Po-Lin, and Cinematographer Howell Chang, who were invited by our department and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.”


All BA students improve their marketable skills by participating in a two-credit, 320-hour internship. Most students choose to do their internship in the summer. Past interns have worked at the China Post, the Central News Agency, LiveABC, and the Institute for Information Industry.

Students are encouraged to think about how their course of study can prepare them for particular internships and how both can help them prepare for their career. MA student Christina Liu’s thesis focused on Cultural Studies, but she tailored her program to the skills she wanted to acquire: “[Cultural Studies] students are allowed to take courses in the linguistics program, so I took a course on translation theories and was lucky enough to get an internship as a translator in CNA News.” She also participated in an academic conference in Macao.

For more information on our internship, please refer to the Internship page.

Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Students are encouraged to join some of NTUT’s numerous student activities and clubs—or to start their own student organization in an area of interest. Our department students are also involved in the English Student Association and organize English Week every year.

Cross-Department Elective Credit and Graduate Courses for BA students

Taipei Tech students can earn eight in cross-department elective credits, and our students are encouraged to seek out courses that will allow them to pursue their passions while learning useful skills.

You can even use these cross-department elective credits to test out whether graduate school might be an appropriate choice for you. Juniors and seniors may opt to take an English MA course (provided that the class has space and the professor approves) to count toward their cross-department elective credit. Advanced students will appreciate the smaller class sizes in the MA program. They may also welcome the opportunity to try out a graduate school course without making a long-term commitment. If the student applies and is accepted to our Taipei Tech English MA program, the student may apply these graduate credits to his or her MA degree.

International Opportunities

Several of our best students have participated in the National Model United Nations in New York City, where they have the chance to hone their diplomatic skills and to make personal connections with future leaders from all over the world.

With careful planning, students can study abroad for a semester or longer. NTUT partners with hundreds of universities. Some of our students have recently chosen to study in places such as the U.K., the U.S., China, Turkey, Germany, Lithuania, Korea, and Japan.

Other students choose to volunteer abroad. For example, Ms. Wang (BA, class of 2014) participated in the Youth Ambassador Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to America and the Caribbean, where she promoted Taiwan’s traditional culture at St. Kitts and Nevis.