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Stage Performances

Each year the English Student Association puts on English Week to promote the department and its language programs. English Week is the perfect opportunity for English majors to bond, work as a team, and demonstrate their capabilities. Each year, the students put on a musical in mid-December.

2021  The Prom

In Indiana, at a meeting of the James Madison High School PTA, PTA president Mrs. Greene announces that the school's prom will be canceled because a student named Emma Nolan wanted to bring a girl to the dance much to the dismay of Principal Tom Hawkins who supports Emma, but is powerless to oppose the PTA's decision.

Meanwhile, four Broadway stars who are gradually forgotten or unrecognized gather in New York to find a cause that can revitalize their careers.

After finding Emma's story on Twitter, the actors departed to Indiana to help Emma not be bullied and discriminated against by her classmates, and let everyone know that homosexuals should have the same rights as everyone does."Love thy neighbor trumps them all"

At the end of the story, the actors decide to pool their money to finance an all-inclusive prom for Emma. The students also apologized to them and knew that it was wrong to discriminate against them, and each of the four stars gained a new acting life. Emma and Alyssa finally share a public kiss and everyone celebrates.

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2020  LaLaLand on Stage

The English majors took a great leap by adapting the movie LaLa Land to stage and put on the musical LaLaLand on Stage. The performance was not limited to the stage performance area, and the students also incorporated the Taipei Tech Symphony Orchestra to bring live music to the show.

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2019 The Song of Sirens

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” P.T. Barnum. The Song of Sirens is an adaptation of the 2017 film The Greatest Showman. The main cast are the freshman and sophomore English majors, with the juniors acting as the support crew. Through working together, students were able to bond and learn to teamwork.

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2018 Chicago!

This was the second time that the English majors put on a musical. To differentiate from the merrier Hairspray--the first musical that English majors put on----the students picked Chicago that has mystery elements.

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2017 Live Your ENGSANITY!

The English Student Association brought in a fresh look to the annual English Week by putting on the musical Hairspray. Through it, the students conveyed the idea of striving for your goal.

Act I | Act II

2016 EngLove

The English Student Association used music as the theme for this year's English Week. In addition to inviting famous producer Hsu Chang-te to give a speech, the students also hosted many additional activities.

The students also put on two stage performances for this year's English Week. The stories were co-written by the students, one based on fairy tales, the other on the song "Way Back Into Love."