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Our Focus

Taipei Tech is known for its unique, high-quality English program, which unites the focused, practical training that students expect from a technological university with the creative exploration, critical thinking, and literary and cultural study that students usually find in liberal arts programs.

Not only do we believe that in-depth study of linguistics, literature, and culture is personally enriching, we also believe that it makes our students better prepared to be innovative leaders in their chosen career, whether that career happens to be in business, teaching, journalism, public relations, government, diplomacy, design, publishing, translation, tourism, or entertainment. As Bracken Darrell, CEO of Logitech, wrote for Business Insider, the skills English majors have are valuable: “The older I get, the more I realize the power of words and the power of words in making you think...the best CEOs and leaders are extremely good writers and have this ability to articulate and verbalize what they're thinking.”

At Taipei Tech students develop skills that will serve them long after they graduate—they learn to think and write clearly, they learn to speak with confidence in any situation, they learn to develop original research projects and to see them through, and they become more culturally literate, allowing them to be more creative and engaging.

In addition to our required coursework, students have a wide variety of elective choices in literature, linguistics, and film. Many students choose to participate in our film-making and drama classes, gaining experience and skills in cultural productions. Some students elect to get a teacher’s certificate while at Taipei Tech.

Several students choose to study abroad or find other ways to participate in International opportunities such as Taipei Tech’s team for the National Model United Nations in New York. Many students have success with other voluntary international opportunities; students have participated in Taiwan’s Youth Ambassadors program, model APEC, and the Formosa Foundation program in Washington D.C.

Students also complete an internship while at Taipei Tech. In the past students have interned at the China Post, the British Chamber of Commerce, and the Central News Agency, among others.