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Our graduates work in a wide range of industries including education, translation, public sector, aviation, cultural productions and entertainment, tourism, and retail. There is also a wide range of types of jobs, including editors, translators, journalists, teachers, office managers, sales assistants, designers, programmers, civil servants, actors, musicians, flight attendants, airline ground crew, and secretaries. Additionally, a significant portion of our alumnae/i go on to pursue higher education in fields such as international affairs, linguistics, English literature, and business management, among others.

Multiple Career Options

Our Alumnae/i and Their Pursuits

  • Mindy Fang
  • BA, Class of 2007
  • Public Relations Specialist, National Taiwan Science Education Center

Ms. Fang has been working in museums for more than three years. As a public relations specialist at the National Taiwan Science Education Center, her main responsibilities include promoting science education in underprivileged areas, hosting major events (as an emcee), and giving guided tours for invited speakers and guests during major international exhibitions. The experience she gained organizing university club events and serving as a bilingual emcee at Taipei Tech has proven very valuable to her job now. Before her current position, she worked in other national museums, including the National Palace Museum. Ms. Fang is also an active member in the Taipei Chinese Orchestra and plays percussion.

  • Ruby Yang
  • BA, Class of 2007
  • Image Consultant, Perfect Image

Ms. Yang started her career as an image consultant not long after she graduated from Taipei Tech. Although Ms. Yang had no professional training in the industry, she was able to apply organizational and think-on-your-feet skills that she learned from Taipei Tech to adapt to the image coaching industry. She now works for Perfect Image, an image consultant company that works with both individuals and companies and has high-profile clients such as Taiwan High Speed Rail, Lexus, Taishin Bank, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ms. Yang mainly works with individuals and provides personalized image advice and coaching. She also occasionally gives talks to groups.

  • Valentine Hsin
  • BA, Class of 2007
  • MSc Student, the Erasmus Mundus Program

After working for several years, Mr. Hsin developed an interest in clinical linguistics, particularly in the fields of curing language disorders, neuroscience, and psycholinguistics. He was able to secure three scholarships - the Groningen University Talent Grant, the Ministry of Education Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, and the British Council IELTS Scholarship - that enable his pursuit of clinical linguistics study. He is currently a student of the Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Clinical Linguistics (EMCL), which is an international joint program offered by the European Union with a special research focus on language science and neuroscience. The EMCL program allows him to study at three different European universities: Groningen University in the Netherlands, Potsdam University in Germany, and University of Eastern Finland in Finland.

  • Joshua Wong
  • BA, Class of 2007
  • Assistant Pastor, Church in the River of Life

Mr. Wong was able to gain from the critical thinking training at Taipei Tech and apply it to his own pursuit of a deeper understanding of Christianity, which is reflected in his senior project “On Philip Pullman’s ‘The Dark Side of Narnia.’” He also took advantage of the interpretation training at Taipei Tech and started interpreting for visiting English-speaking pastors when he was a student. After graduating from Taipei Tech, he obtained an MA in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary in California in 2012. He is currently leading a bilingual service in the Church in the River of Life, where he serves as an assistant pastor. He also continues to work as a full-time interpreter for visiting English-speaking pastors and business executives.

  • Qrix Wu
  • BA, Class of 2008
  • Singer & Actor

Mr. Wu showed great interest and talent in acting and singing during his time at Taipei Tech. In 2007, his junior year at Taipei Tech, he participated in the popular Taiwanese talent show One Million Star and was the third runner-up of the season. He was then cast in several TV dramas and released his first album in 2011. In 2014, he joined forces with fellow classmates Rickie Wu and Elma Chang, together with singer Finix Yang, to form the band BadAmis. The band was able to successfully raise funds through crowd-funding to publish their first album.

  • Laeticia Kao
  • BA, Class of 2009
  • Marketing & Event Coordinator, Dukou Bookstore, Shanghai

Ms. Kao landed a job with All Nippon Airways not long after graduating from Taipei Tech. She was the interpreter onboard ANA flights, in charge of broadcasting and communicating with flight attendants on behalf of non-English-speaking passengers. After one year with ANA, she switched her focus to marketing and got a job in marketing and planning with the popular Japanese fashion magazine ViVi. During her time at ViVi, she came across Motherhouse, a Bangladesh-based social enterprise that is founded by a Japanese entrepreneur and specializes in producing fashionable bags using local materials from Bangladesh. Drawn by the vision of Motherhouse to bring Bangladeshi out of poverty, Ms. Kao joined them as a merchandiser, responsible for a wide range of tasks including marketing, procurements, and sales negotiations and, with a team of four, successfully introduced Motherhouse to the Taiwan market. She left Motherhouse in 2014 to gain marketing experience in other industries. She now works in Shanghai for the locally well-known independent bookstore Dukou Bookstore, where she designs and executes marketing events.

  • Eva Wang
  • BA, Class of 2010
  • Assistant Manager, The Outlet! Company

As the Assistant Manager at The Outlet! Company, an outlet development company in Asia, Ms. Wang manages the daily operations of the three offices of the company located in Taipei, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. When she was featured in the Global Vision Magazine 2012 University Guide, she stated that the solid English language foundation, coordinating skills, and the ability to react quickly to different situations are the benefits she gained from her education at Taipei Tech.

  • Daniel Ma
  • BA, Class of 2010
  • Academic Affairs Specialist, HiTutor Manila Office

Mr. Ma has been passionate about language and teaching language since his time at Taipei Tech. He served as a group leader at our lunchtime English Corner event, in which he led and facilitated discussions in English. He also took advantage of the second foreign language offerings of the program and laid a solid foundation for French and German that later helped his backpacking travel in Europe. He now works in the Manila office of a reputable Taiwanese online English-tutoring company, HiTutor. His main responsibilities include recruiting and training office-based ESL instructors from the local talent pool and managing a team of 60 instructors for overall teaching quality.

  • Ann Chiu
  • BA, Class of 2011
  • Staff, National Immigration Agency Hsinchu Service Station

Ms. Chiu took the cabin crew tests from Qatar Airways and Cathay Pacific Airways shortly after graduating from Taipei Tech and was offered a position from both airline companies. She eventually took the offer from Cathay Pacific Airways and started her three-year contract with the airline in 2011, during which she flew mostly international flights. In 2013, she started to prepare for the Taiwan immigration civil service exam while she was still flying around the globe. She was able to pass the exam in late 2014, when her contract with Cathay Pacific Airways also concluded. Ms. Chiu finished her civil service training in October 2015 and is now working in the Hsinchu Service Station of the National Immigration Agency. Her story of shifting from the airline industry to public service was featured on major media including FTV, CTS, and the Liberty Times on April 13, 2015.

  • Annon Chang
  • BA, Class of 2011
  • Co-founder & Creative Director, The Kids From Lukang Company
  • Director, Association of Lukang Renaissance

Mr. Chang developed an interest and an eye for photography during his study at Taipei Tech. He was the cinematographer of the department's 2013 film productions Total Depravity. In his senior year, he started The Kids From Lukang Studio with his brother, with the goal of preserving and promoting the culture of Lukang, one of the oldest settlements in Taiwan and Mr. Chang's hometown. He discussed the process of setting up this studio, as well as the first art exhibition the studio organized, in his senior project, title “A Collaborative Photo Exhibition: The Kids From Lukang.” The studio, now incorporated, aims to transform Lukang into a place for cultural events, with the ultimate goal of hosting important festivals similar to the Edinburgh Fringe in the future. Mr. Chang also runs programs to raise cultural awareness under the banner of the NGO, Association of Lukang Renaissance. His story was featured on the China Post on September 7, 2015.

  • Fan Wu
  • BA, Class of 2012
  • MFA Student, Pratt Institute

Ms. Wu was fascinated with performing arts during her time at Taipei Tech. She actively engaged in the productions of the 2010 drama productions The Threepenny Opera and took the leading role in the 2011 drama productions The Bald Soprano. After graduating from Taipei Tech, Ms. Wu first worked in an international trading company, selling Italian liquors, and running a cafe bar in Taipei for two years. Meanwhile, she kept on nurturing her passions and skill in musicals and performing arts. In August 2014, she was admitted to the Master of Professional Studies in Arts and Cultural Management at Pratt Institute in New York City. This postgraduate program allows her to meet artists from around the world in a city where cutting-edge art is created, shown, and discussed.

  • Wendy Kuo
  • BA, Class of 2012
  • Editor-in-Chief, the China Post Supplement Publications

Ms. Kuo entered the China Post as a journalist right after she graduated from Taipei Tech. She initially covered Asian regional news, Taiwan local news, and entertainment news. She traveled to many places in Taiwan and had opportunities to meet with celebrities such as Janet Hsieh, host of the Fun Taiwan show by TLC. Her article “Coast Guard vows to protect protesters on the Diaoyutais issue was featured on the front page of the September 25, 2012 issue of the China Post. Ms. Kuo left the China Post briefly in 2014 and worked in public relations at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei. She soon discovered that journalism is her true passion and returned to the China Post, where she now serves as the editor-in-chief of the supplement publications of the newspaper.

  • Jane Lai
  • BA, Class of 2012
  • Sales Representative, Myriad Technology

Six months after she graduated from Taipei Tech, Ms. Lai was admitted into the International Trade Program of the International Trade Institute (ITI), operated by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), a government co-sponsored trade promotion organization. During her training at ITI, she was able to sharpen her negotiation skills and further her understanding of international trade policies. She was hired directly out of ITI by Myriad Technology, a semi-conductor parts company, where she deals with both local and international clients and coordinates shipments with suppliers from the US and Korea.

  • Kimberly Lee
  • BA, Class of 2013
  • Sales & Management Consultant, British Council Teaching Centre

While at Taipei Tech, Ms. Lee gained a strong background in international affairs by participating in our delegation to NMUN in New York twice (2012, 2013) and by traveling to Washington D.C. in the summer of 2012 with the Formosa Foundation. After graduation, Ms. Lee participated in two model APEC programs in Taipei, and thanks to her excellent work, she was named one of the outstanding delegates and sent to the real APEC conference in Indonesia. Since her return, Ms. Lee has been working as a Sales and Customer Consultant at the British Council Teaching Centre.

  • Isabel Wang
  • BA, Class of 2014
  • Graduate Student, National Chengchi University

Ms. Wang is currently studying for an MA in International Communication Studies at National Chengchi University. When she was at Taipei Tech, she was very active in department and school activities, many of which involved world travel. She took advantage of Taipei Tech’s study abroad program and spent a semester in Beijing as an exchange student at the University of Science and Technology. In March of 2014, she traveled to New York in order to participate in the National Model United Nations, and in May, she served on the delegation of the 2014 Taiwan-Israel Youth Program held by the Ministry of Education. After graduation, in September of 2014, she was in the Youth Ambassador Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to America and the Caribbean, where she promoted Taiwan’s traditional culture and gained a better understanding of international affairs. She has also written occasional articles for the China Post, where she worked as an intern in the spring of 2014.

  • Nick Hui-Han Chen
  • BA, Class of 2015
  • PhD student, Department of Film Studies, University of Birmingham, UK

After graduating from Taipei Tech, Mr. Chen went on to finish his Master of Arts by Research in 2016 at University of Birmingham and continued on to the PhD program in Film Studies a year later. His research interests lie in European, Hispanic, and Taiwanese Slow-Cinema with the theoretical frameworks of Deleuzian and Bergsonian discourse. His thesis examines the emergence of transnational slow cinema, the dynamics between its widely believed European predecessors, and its phenomenology of transcending its geographical specificity of local culture and value to reaching wider international audience. Apart from English language and communication skills acquired at Taipei Tech’s Department of English, the literature and film courses and the one-year individual roject he conducted are essential foundations for the postgraduate study that he has been pursuing.

  • Margaret Hsieh
  • MA, Class of 2010
  • English Teacher, Neihu Vocational High School

Ms. Hsieh was already working as a full-time English teacher at Neihu Vocational High School before she entered the MA program in 2008 and continued her teaching while she was studying at Taipei Tech. She got interested in corpus linguistics during her study at Taipei Tech and was able to obtain help from corpus linguist Dr. Michael Barlow during his visit to the school for his keynote at the NTUTAPPLINGX 2009 conference. She later applied corpus linguistics theories to her teaching experiences and authored her MA thesis “Vocabulary and Collocations in EFL Textbooks vs. Authentic Materials: A Corpus Study”. She continues to teach at Neihu Vocational High School now.

  • Casey Ru-Jin Hsu
  • MA, Class of 2015
  • English voice data analyst

After obtaining her first master’s degree at Taipei Tech (MA thesis: “Representations of Female Suicide in Ibsen’s Plays”), Ms. Hsu was able to continue her passion for literature and culture in Sydney. She went on to finish her second, a research-based master’s degree, at the University of Sydney’s Department of English (thesis title: “Eating ‘the Body’ in the Victorian Era: Cannibalism, Anxiety and the New Woman in Dracula”). With the knowledge, critical thinking, and research skills in language and history acquired in the graduate schools in Taiwan and Australia, Ms. Hsu was offered to work as an English voice data analyst in a Tech company in China, targeting the market in America, and to contribute to the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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