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We value the exchange of ideas at Taipei Tech Department of English. Our faculty members are actively engaged in conferences of a wide range of specialities both domestically and internationally. Each year, we also host conferences of various sizes and on various topics and invite guest speakers to speak to our faculty and students.

We host an international conference each year. We take advantage of the diversified specialities of our faculty members and alternate the theme of this annual conference between linguistics and literature/philosophy. Renowned scholars such as Dr. Rod Ellis, Dr. Gabriele M. Schwab, and Dr. Michael Hoey have been invited to give the keynote speech at our conferences. On average, there are fifty papers presented in each conference.

As an internal platform for idea exchange and critiques, we also host symposiums and colloquiums annually. In each symposium, faculty members present their work in progress and receive critiques and questions from fellow faculty members. The colloquiums, on the other hand, are a place where faculty members - and sometimes students - share new ideas that they have been learning. Faculty members can voluntarily participate in these events.